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When Should You See a Periodontist?

A periodontist is an essential player in the maintenance of your lifelong oral health. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a crucial part of ensuring your smile stays healthy longer. We are proud to offer periodontal services to patients in the Tampa Bay area. In this blog post, we’ll examine some of the times when you might want to see a periodontist.

When You Might Want to See a Periodontist

Periodontal Disease

A periodontist will help address periodontal disease—both the effects and the causes. Healthy gums and bone are the foundation for healthy teeth. When periodontal disease develops, these supporting structures are destroyed, creating space between the teeth, gums, and bone. Pocketing is often the result. In these cases, these pockets house harmful bacteria. As the bacteria multiply and invade the supporting gums and bone, they further destroy the foundation, making teeth loose, and eventually causing them to have to be extracted.

“Gummy Smile”

A “gummy smile,” or a smile that reveals what you believe to be too much gum, can be treated with a procedure known as esthetic crown lengthening. This involves removing some of the excess gum tissues to expose more of the tooth crown and resculpting the gums so that they fit your teeth better. The teeth will ultimately appear longer and improve the esthetic appearance of the smile. Due to large cavities or if a tooth is broken below the gum line, often times a crown is required. Sometimes, however, the crown is too close to the patient’s gums and bones. A procedure known as crown lengthening is needed in order to gain enough space for the crown or filling in these cases. Crown lengthening adjusts the levels of the bone and gums in order to expose more tooth structure and allow for a properly fitting crown to be made.

Gum Recession

Often times, roots of teeth become exposed as a result of gum recession. Teeth begin to appear to look longer than normal as the gum tissues move towards the root. Gum graft surgery can help prevent the recession from getting worse, and in many cases, can even cover some of the exposed root surfaces to provide improved support for the teeth and a more esthetic smile.

Gum grafts often provide a combined benefit of improving both function and health—crucial to chewing, speaking and smiling with comfort and confidence. A minimally invasive approach to gum grafting involves a procedure known as “tunneling”. This procedure creates a small pouch beneath the gums and uses donor tissue to thicken the patient’s gums and even can cover exposed root surfaces in certain indications.  The benefit is that the grafted tissue does not need to be taken from the patient’s roof of the mouth, thus reducing patient discomfort.

Peri-Implant Diseases

Inflammatory conditions which affect the hard and soft tissues around dental implants are known as peri-implant diseases. Bacteria can sometimes build up on the base of the implant below the gumline, just like with natural teeth. The bacteria, over time, can cause irritation in the gum tissue, resulting in inflammation and damage to the tissue. If not addressed early, the bone structure below the implant may deteriorate. A periodontist can evaluate and help address some of the consequences of peri-implant diseases.

A Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation

Getting an annual comprehensive periodontal evaluation can help ensure you and your periodontist can address and prevent problems before they become severe. A CPE will evaluate your overall teeth health, plaque level, gums, bite, bone structure, and other risk factors for periodontal disease. Identifying symptoms of periodontal disease early on is essential to the long-term health of your teeth and gums.

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