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Surgical Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease

August 7, 2018

Sometimes periodontal disease has advanced to a point where surgery is required. A periodontist can help with surgical treatment for periodontal disease. We are pleased to offer periodontal services to Tampa Bay area patients at our locations in Palm Harbor, Trinity, and Spring Hill. In this blog post, we’ll give you a rundown of some of the surgical treatments for periodontal disease.

One of the types of surgical periodontal treatments is periodontal pocket reduction. As you know, the gums and bone are the foundation for the teeth. In cases where periodontal disease has developed, these supporting structures are destroyed, creating space between the teeth, gums and bone. This ultimately leads to pocketing, which houses harmful bacteria. As the bacteria multiply and invade the supporting gums and bone, they further destroy the foundation, making teeth loose, and eventually causing them to have to be extracted.

Cleaning deep periodontal pockets is a problem as deep periodontal pockets are unable to be adequately cleaned by the patient or the dental clinician. If deep pockets remain even after non-surgical therapy (scaling and root planing), surgical therapy is often the next step. Thus, periodontal procedures known as pocket reduction are performed in order to gain access, fold the gum tissues back, clean these deep pockets, remove the disease causing bacteria, create an environment that is amenable to cleaning by the patient and ultimately restore the gum and bone tissues to a state of health. These procedures are performed in order to prevent further damage caused by the disease process and to restore a healthy smile.

Deep pockets are very difficult to clean. Periodontal disease has many connections with the rest of the body and can lead to diabetes and heart disease. Thus, these procedures are necessary not only to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile but also to decrease the risk of serious health issues associated with periodontal disease.

A gingivectomy is another surgical option for periodontal disease. Gingivectomies are procedures performed by the periodontist that involve removing and reshaping excess gum tissues that cause deep pocketing around the teeth. Gum tissue overgrowth can arise due to periodontal disease, genetics, or certain medications. Gingivectomies are usually performed when a patient has gum disease that has not responded well to scaling and root planing (deep periodontal cleaning) or other periodontal therapeutic measures. Deep pockets still remain due to excess gum tissue. Thus, gingivectomies are needed in order to restore a state of health and effectively treat gum disease.

Guided tissue regeneration is another type of surgical treatment for periodontal disease. In this type of surgical periodontal treatment, lost bone and tissue is regrowm in order to provide support for the teeth and reverse some of the destruction caused by periodontal disease.

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