Vivianette had an unfortunate and painful accident as a young child and spent much of her teen life managing her appearance around a missing tooth. She explained here that it was a difficult period of her life where teens are already very self-conscious even without esthetic challenges from a missing tooth, but she is now glowing with excitement over her new restored smile and self-confidence.


Roger ended up in awful fitting dentures as a result of a car wreck that knocked out all of the teeth in the left side of his mouth. For decades he suffered with a bad fitting denture and all of the discomfort, embarrassment, pain and inconvenience that goes along with it. Roger was excited to come in and talk about how Coastal Jaw Surgery restored his smile and transformed his life!


Pat joined our patient family after attending a seminar presentation by Dr. Hedger. She is a self-described snowbird from Chicago and was not very comfortable with dentists until coming to Coastal Jaw Surgery, and we are sure happy she chose us and that we were able to get her smiling again!


Joanne was in a position professionally where she worked closely with the public and with several public figures, but she had a form of periodontal disease that left her teeth splayed and discolored from medical rinses. Her self esteem and social life were suffering due to a smile that she was embarrassed to show off. But now, she assures us this is not the case anymore and we are tremendously grateful for the opportunity to help bring that bright wonderful smile back to such a bright and wonderful person.


Debra shares her experience with Same Day Teeth with us. In one day, Debra had her old teeth removed, implants placed, and her new teeth inserted. Debra talks about losing weight from finally being able to eat healthy foods and her surprise at the small amount of pain she felt from her procedure. “I just can’t believe the friendliness and the warmth that goes on in y’all’s office.”

Jim's Story: 10 Days After

Jim talks to Dr. Pikos about his fast recovery, his comfortable surgical experience, and the newfound joy of being able to smile with confidence. Before his procedure, Jim says he couldn’t smile without putting his hand over his face. He also shares the reactions of his grandkids to pop-pop’s new look. “I don’t have any pictures of myself and my grandchildren with me smiling, so it’s going to be nice to do that.”


Joanne was in a bad car accident a few years back that resulted in her jaw being fractured and all of her lower teeth being removed. Joanne experienced a severe decline in nutrition and quality of life as well and being in real estate at the time she was tremendously relieved to find out Coastal Jaw could help restore her to a full, functional, healthy and happy life. Joanne shared some very special comments like “It’s amazing, now you can do anything you want to do. You can bite, you can chew, you can eat steak… it’s just like it should be…”

Update on Ed's Procedure

One of the main advantages of implants is being able to remove bad teeth that harbor bacteria that can infect the rest of the body. Besides the health benefits of his new teeth, Ed is experiencing other positive changes: “I’m able to smile more instead of being a sour-puss because I’m not embarrassed about showing my teeth.” He recalls how he felt the day of his procedure: “I remember coming in and it was like coming into a professional football locker room. Everyone knew their positions. It put me at ease that I could fall asleep, and I wasn’t going to wake up. Everyone in here knows their stuff and they measure up to what you expect them to be like.”


At 89 years old, Nancy was worried about the pain of implants and that she was being to vain too want to fix her teeth at her age. But, when she met Dr. Pikos, her concerns were assuaged, explaining “I felt so at home.” “There was absolutely no pain,” she attests. She was amazed at the speed of the procedure, as well. She marvels at the way they are just like her own teeth: “Sometimes I’m surprised that the flossing goes so easily.” She loves the fact that no one knows that she even has implants.

Maurice's Implants: More Than Two Decades Later

When Maurice’s public speaking was affected by his teeth, he decided to see Dr. Pikos. 27 years later, at 94 years old, Maurice is still happy: “It has improved my life 100%.” “My teeth are like normal…no problem,” he explains. Maurice loves the care he received at Coastal Jaw Surgery, declaring, “I wouldn’t go any other place.” He urges others who are considering implants to “go for it.”

Karen's Dental Implants Story

Karen was uncomfortable with her dentures. She felt like she “had a mouth full of plastic.” Her sense of taste, her ability to eat the kinds of foods she wanted, and even going out to eat were an everyday struggle. She couldn’t wait to get home each day and take them out. Karen describes her experience at Coastal Jaw Surgery as “the best thing that happened to [her] in her life.” “When I first met Dr. Pikos, I had that much confidence in him…that he was going to make me feel whole again.” She is now living without the headaches caused by her jaw pain and can eat what she wants. “Now I’m the happiest person in the world,” Karen beams.

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