Various Types of Dental Implants to Meet Your Specific Health Needs

Dr. Michael A. Pikos and his team offer several types of dental implants at their Tampa, FL, (Tampa Bay Area Florida), offices. Following a complete consultation and exam, your surgeon can determine the right type of dental implant for you. The type of implants you choose can affect your treatment timeline and cost, but every variety of implants offers significant benefits. In every treatment at Coastal Jaw Surgery, we will work carefully to minimize your discomfort and provide lifelike results.

Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants can support crowns, bridges, and even full dentures. These implants may be appropriate even if you have suffered jawbone recession due to your missing teeth. However, before your implant surgery, you may require a preparatory bone graft, which can rebuild and strengthen your jaw. In addition, as an implants candidate, you should have overall good physical and oral health.

To place traditional implants, we will first take 3-D cone beam scans to examine your jaw. These images will enable us to look for bone recession and find the strongest areas of bone to support implants. On the day of your surgery, after you receive sedation, your doctor will place the implants in your jaw through tiny incisions in your gums. Your bone will heal around the posts over the next three to six months. We can provide a temporary restoration as you are healing. Following your full recovery, we will attach your final, custom-crafted restoration.

Same Day Teeth®

At Coastal Jaw Surgery, we proudly offer Same Day Teeth® to qualified patients. To be considered for this treatment, you must have a strong and healthy jawbone. If you require a large-scale bone graft, you may be more suited to traditional implants.

Surgery for Same Day Teeth® is similar to the placement of standard implants. Our team will use cone beam scans and the computer-guided nSequence® proprietary protocol to position your posts in the optimal areas of your jaw. After placing your implants, your surgeon will immediately attach a crown, bridge, or denture. Our same-day restorations are made here in the office from digital images of your bite. Your new teeth will look highly realistic, and they will restore your natural dental function.

Thanks to or knowledge and innovative methods, you can enjoy a minimal discomfort procedure, quick recovery, and long-lasting results.

Why Choose Coastal Jaw Surgery?

Whether you receive traditional or same-day implants, Coastal Jaw Surgery is an excellent choice for your procedure. We have decades of experience, and we stay up-to-date with the latest methods and technology. In fact, Dr. Pikos is considered a pioneer in the field of implant dentistry. He has been placing implants since 1983 and has helped innovate the procedure. He is also the founder and CEO of the world-renowned Pikos Institute. This organization is widely known for training other dentists in the placement and restoration of dental implants. Thanks to our knowledge and innovative methods, you can enjoy a minimal discomfort procedure, quick recovery, and long-lasting results.

Discover the Right Dental Implants for You

You can achieve a restored smile and improved oral health with the life-changing treatment that Coastal Jaw Surgery can provide. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation at our Palm Harbor, Trinity, or Spring Hill location.

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