Jaw Surgery in Trinity, FL: Jaw Surgery Improves Oral Function and Comfort

Dr. Michael Pikos and our team of oral surgeons perform jaw surgery to correct a variety of dental irregularities at our Trinity, Florida office. Patients who experience problems biting and chewing, and those whose smiles lack symmetry, can benefit from jaw surgery, as can patients with facial imbalances like overbites, underbites, and chin deficiencies. Jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, can correct disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and sleep apnea, and we may deem it necessary to correct injuries due to facial trauma. Whatever your reason for jaw surgery, Dr. Pikos and our team will perform the surgery safely and with extreme care.

Candidates for Jaw Surgery in Trinity

To qualify for jaw surgery, a patient’s jaw must first be fully developed. This usually happens around the age of 13-15 for women and 16-18 for men. Potential candidates experience problems when biting or chewing, excessive wear of their teeth, speech impediments, or a facial imbalance that cannot be completely corrected with orthodontic treatment. Importantly, ideal candidates should understand that while patients who undergo jaw surgery usually have a relatively short recovery period, orthodontics may be required before and after the surgery, meaning the full results of the procedure may not be seen for up to three years.

“Whatever your reason for jaw surgery, Dr. Pikos and our team will perform the surgery safely and with extreme care.”

Types of Jaw Surgery

Dr. Pikos and our oral surgeon team perform jaw surgery on the upper or lower jaw, and can perform procedures on both when needed. The three main surgeries we perform are:

Maxillary Osteotomy

The doctor performs this surgery on the upper jaw. It can correct a crossbite, which occurs when the upper teeth on one side of the mouth fall inside the lower teeth, or vice versa. This surgery can also prove effective for patients with receded upper jaws or an open bite, where the front teeth do not come together.

For maxillary osteotomy, Dr. Pikos will make an incision in the bone above the teeth, from inside the mouth. This allows him to move the entire upper jaw, including the teeth and roof of the mouth, as one. He will move the jaw forward, until the teeth align correctly with the lower teeth, then use plates and screws to hold it in position. During recovery, the screws fuse with bone tissue. To address an open bite, the doctor may also need to shave excess bone from above the molars to make the surface flat.

Mandibular Osteotomy

This surgery corrects a receded lower jaw. The doctor incises behind the lower molars, then makes another incision along the length of the jawbone, allowing the entire jaw to move easily as one unit. The screws that hold the jaw in place integrate with the bone during recovery.


This surgery corrects a deficient chin. During genioplasty, the doctor incises the chin bone and moves it to a new position. Because many patients with a deficient chin also suffer from a receded lower jaw, the doctor can perform this surgery together with mandibular osteotomy for maximum results.

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