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Bone and Soft Tissue Regeneration for Dental Implant Success

August 2, 2018

The dental implant is the tiny titanium post that provides an anchor for your restorations—your new teeth. In order to provide a strong, secure, and long-lasting support for your smile, the bone into which your implant is placed must be adequate. Sometimes, the supporting bone structure is adequate and dental implants can be placed without any other procedures. Other times, it is determined that a patient can only be a candidate for dental implants if bone and/or soft tissue is regenerated through procedures we detail in this blog post.

When we meet a patient who is interested in dental implants, one of the first things to determine is whether that supporting structure is adequate. We examine whether the bone and soft tissue of the mouth will provide a good anchor for a successful dental implant or dental implants. When adequate supporting structure is not available, we look at ways we can go about regenerating bone and soft tissue.

How do we go about regenerating bone and soft tissue?

How can inadequate hard and soft tissue cause problems in your smile? The loss of hard and soft tissue can cause functional issues such as difficulty or inability to chew many types of food. Bone loss can can lead to physical changes in the structure of the face. Without adequate supporting structure, wearing dentures or placing dental implants can be difficult. In addition to problems with chewing, loss of soft tissue can lead to tooth sensitivity, tooth decay, gum disease and an unsightly appearance to both the teeth and gums.

At Coastal Jaw Surgery, we use today’s most advanced state of the art techniques for bone and soft tissue regeneration. When teeth are extracted, the bone typically shrinks during healing and leaves an indentation in the gum tissue resulting in both cosmetic and potentially functional problems. Ridge augmentation is a specialized procedure that builds up lost bone and even gum tissue by using different surgical techniques.

What is soft-tissue grafting?

Soft-tissue grafting includes roof-of-mouth tissue and cadaver tissue that are used to regenerate lost gum tissue for teeth and implant reconstruction. These procedures are especially important in creating a beautiful smile and providing for a stable long-term functional result.

What is DGBA?

Digitally Guided Bone Augmentation™ (DGBA) — DGBA is a proprietary approach for three-dimensional reconstruction and restoration of complex bony defects. The use of CT scan and precision software along with reverse tissue engineering is utilized to create an optimum clinical result.

What is a sinus lift?

This procedure builds up bone in the back part of the upper jaw prior to dental implant procedures. The sinus membrane is elevated, creating a small compartment where bone graft materials are placed along the sinus floor. Implants can be placed either simultaneously with the sinus graft or several months later in preparation for the implant.

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