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Our team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform oral surgery, dental implants, and Same Day Teeth® at our locations in Palm Harbor, Trinity, and Spring Hill. We are proud to have served patients in the Tampa Bay area for over 33 years.

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Same Day Teeth® is a revolutionary protocol for dental implants. With this procedure, we are able to immediately place your new teeth on the same day as your implants.

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Dental implants are often the ideal treatment option for patients who are missing teeth. A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically embedded in your jawbone to replace a natural tooth root. A dental crown, bridge, or full-arch denture is then attached to the implant post to replace the entire structure of the missing tooth. Our practice uses advanced imaging techniques to plan your treatment and ensure your comfort and safety.

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We have decades of experience in oral surgery including bone grafting, bone and soft tissue regeneration, tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, pathology/biopsy, soft tissue grafting, jaw surgery, reconstructive surgery, and sinus lift.

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Our periodontal services include treatment of gum recession, treatment of gummy smile/oral plastic surgery, treatment of periodontal disease (gum disease), minimally traumatic extractions, bone grafting/ridge augmentation, implants, periodontal-orthodontic procedures, sedation dentistry, biopsies, and treatment of peri-implantitis.

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We are here to help you with your dental implant referral or Same-Day Teeth needs. Call us today to schedule your appointment at one of our locations in Palm Harbor, Trinity, or Spring Hill. Hablamos Español.

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Coastal Jaw Surgery


At Coastal Jaw Surgery, our mission is to provide excellent surgical care for our patient family in a safe, efficient, and compassionate manner. Through teamwork, the most modern technology available, and our God-given skills, we strive to provide our patients with a comprehensive, seamless, and personal experience. Our desire is to improve our patients’ quality of life and promote the most important premise: We Care.


At Coastal Jaw Surgery, we know that undergoing oral surgery can be a stressful experience. However, we have decades of experience in providing compassionate care every step of the way.


At Coastal Jaw Surgery, we are committed to not only providing outstanding care to the patients in our charge, but also to advancing the field of implant dentistry. At Pikos Institute, dental clinicians from around the world come to learn from Dr. Michael A. Pikos’ wealth of knowledge and more than 33 years of experience.


Coastal Jaw Surgery is at the forefront of treatment in the field of implant dentistry. We use the latest 3-D digital diagnostic protocols in our facilities and even teach other clinicians how to use these technologies at the world renowned Pikos Institute.

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A Revolutionary Protocol for Implants


Same Day Teeth® is a revolutionary protocol for dental implants. With this procedure, we are able to immediately place your restorations on the same day as your implants.

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Dr. Pikos has taught clinicians from 43 countries at Pikos Institute.
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3,600 clinicians from around the world have learned at Pikos Institute.
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